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Default Nightlife Problem with Owned Cars
If Nightlife is your last EP and you have no SPs, then there is a problem when driving a car to 1-tile wide lots. The car will stop off of the lot and your sims will not be able to exit the car. If you find this has happened to you, just exit the lot; your sims will drive back home.

This is a problem with all 1-wide community lots in Nightlife and is not specific to this university. It is not a problem for 1x1 corner lots, which are actually 2 tiles wide.

To work around this problem, have your sims use a taxi when traveling to 1 tile wide lots. If you want to solve the problem permanently, use the "moveobjects on" cheat to place an object onto the road, to stop the car before it drives off of the lot.

Please see this post for more information: