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Default Populating Brainania
Brainania is currently unoccupied. When you move to the university, some sims will appear automatically, unless you have mods which prevent sims from spawning. Professors, NPCs, secret society members and dormies will all appear without any action by you. However, you may want to generate some additional young adult sims to populate the neighborhood.

The Simple Way:

- (Optional) If you don't like the look of EA generated sims, select and install default face replacements, such as this one:

- (Optional) If you don't like the names of EA generated sims, select and install a name replacement mod, such as this one:

- Run the game and enter the university subhood.

- Create a new sim or move an existing sim to the university.

- Move your sim into a dorm or rental house.

- Bring up the cheat box using <ctrl><shift>C. Type in the following cheat and press <enter>:
boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true

- <shift><click> on the mailbox at your dorm or rental house and select the option "DBG - FORCE Create Townies". Depending upon your configuration (installed EPs), this menu item is sometimes hidden in a submenu, such as "Neighborhoods...".

- Confirm that you want to generate Townies now. If you have Nightlife, you will be given an option to choose between Townies and Downtownies. Select Townies.

- Wait while the game generates approximately 50 young adult townies. Their thumbnails will be displayed as they are generated.

- Bring up the cheat box and type in:
boolProp testingCheatsEnabled false

More Complex Ways:

There are, of course, ways to gain more control over the townies. Here is a useful link for creating custom townies. You'll want to look at step 4 "Populating the ‘hood". These methods will also work with young adult townies at your university:,10798.0.html