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Default How to Set Up the No-Install Version
After getting the Clean Installer v1.6.14 running on your system, you will want to add file associations for the Sims2Pack Clean Installer.exe file.

To set up a file association on Windows XP, I right click on the file and select Open With... / Choose Program... from the context menu. I can then choose a program from the list, or use the Browse button to find the EXE. Clicking on the "Always use the selected program to open this type of file" button specifies which program to use when I double click on the file. The same general method should work for all Windows operating systems, and I understand that it is similar on the MAC.

You'll want to set up the following file associations:

- Sims2Pack (always open with Clean Installer)
- Zip (optional; just add the Clean Installer as one of the possible programs, you will usually want to open ZIP files with a standard unzipper)
- RAR (same as above)

As well, to use the "Install all" functionality, you can create a shortcut which passes the "-f" parameter to the Clean Installer. When you run with this parameter, the Clean Installer will ask you for the folder that you want to install from.