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Hey all,

Update (14th April 2011):
I have been through the entire CAS Parts in SASBuild02, and this is what I could find regarding the Knight outfits and helmets (male & female) that were flagged under GEAR - ie, not in use for any Professions - some of which would need to either be bought or made at the Blacksmith and/or would only be used for Armor. So, I've unlocked them everyday Profession use (not Armor!) and are unlocked for the Monarch, the Knight and the Spy ONLY. I didn't unlock them for any other Professions, as I didn't think the Blacksmith, Merchant, Bard, Wizard or otherwise really needed them..

I have updated the Female Knight outfits with two Off-Duty Knight outfits that I found; I am also posting the Male Knight Outfits along with the Male Knight Helmets.

Below is a list of what I've found and unlocked for the Knights below; these are what you'll find in the packages

HairKnightElegant; HairHatKnightFaceguard; HairHatKnightBelt; HairHatKnightChestBelt; HairHatEvilKnight; HairHatPaladin

HairHatPaladin; HairKnightElegant; HairHatKnightPonytailHelmet; HairHatKnightBelt

BodyKnightElegant, BodyKnightShinGuards; BodyEvilKnight; BodyKnightSword; BodyKnightTunicChainmail; BodyKnightBelt; BodyKnightChestBelt; BodyKnightAsymPauldrons; BodyPaladin; BodyOffDutyKnightTiesBoots

BodyEvilKnight; BodyKnightBelt; BodyKnightCape; BodyKnightElegant; BodyKnightPauldrons; BodyKnightShinGuards; BodyKnightTunicChainmail; BodyPaladin; BodyOffDutyKnightTiedBoots; BodyOffDutyKnightBelt

ADDITION - Baiaana asked me to upload the male Spy Hood, which I have unlocked for all Professions for both Males and Females; on the women, it's not a 100% perfect fit, but it's very passable and doesn't detract from the gameplay in terms of looks.
I have also uploaded the GolemNPC outfit and mask; I wanted this for myself, since I'm weird that way, but I remember someone else in another thread had mentioned it, so thought I'd plonk it here. This is also unlocked for all Professions for both Males and Females.

ADDITION - I was asked by mollipopster to unlock the Female Wizard's hat for males; since I already did this for myself in my own game, I thought I'd just upload what I have here. It's labelled Unisex, cos all I did was enable it for males and well as the females; you shouldn't have two hats showing up in the female section - please let me know if it works okay; I am still running on the previous patch (I don't feel to update just yet until they fix the new patch), but everything here should still work if you have updated anyway

UPDATE ADDITION - Le Carrera requested the Guard outfits to be unlocked for the NPC guards to retain their uniforms after an Edit In CAS session; I tested this process myself today and saw what Le Carrera was talking about - if you go into CAS to change the sex of your Guard, they lose their outfit. I did see the outfit in CAS when I used a different sim to click on my Guard, but it didn't stay - the Guard defaulted into a different outfit. So this was the way I had to do it, in order for it to stay on (there may be another, simpler way that I don't know about - anyone who does know, feel free to educate me, lol)
I used one of my guards, Rory, and CTRL+RIGHT CLICKED to add him to my active Sims on the left side. Clicking on him, I then chose Edit In CAS; changed him to female; altered hair, name etc; accepted and came back out. I then went to the nearest wardrobe or chest, and chose Plan Outfit. I chose the Infantry outfit that I'd just unlocked (see below). I have written down the Guard Uniform colours in Hex; you'll be able to enter them when you go to recolour. The Hex numbers are in order as follows - BLUE: 484873; WHITE: b8b9c4; GREY: 66656b; I was then able to accept and have the former male Guard as female, in her Infantry outfit. Doing CTRL+RIGHT CLICK again to remove her from my active Sims, made her an NPC again and the outfit stayed.
Like I said, a long-winded way of doing things but it worked for me that way. You can find the file that has both the Male and Female Infantry outfits unlocked for NPC and Profession (KnightCaptain) below . Hope this works for everyone, let me know if it doesn't
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar afKnightHelmsUnlocked.rar (6.3 KB, 6241 downloads)
File Type: rar afKnightOutfitsUnlocked - UPDATED.rar (10.4 KB, 6561 downloads)
File Type: rar amKnightHelmsUnlocked.rar (5.6 KB, 5646 downloads)
File Type: rar amKnightOutfitsUnlocked.rar (11.3 KB, 6109 downloads)
File Type: rar GolemNPCUnlocked.rar (4.3 KB, 4622 downloads)
File Type: rar SpyHood Unisex Unlocked.rar (2.4 KB, 5563 downloads)
File Type: rar Female Wizard Hat - Unisex.rar (2.9 KB, 4591 downloads)
File Type: rar Guard Infantry Unlocked - Both Sexes.rar (3.6 KB, 5391 downloads)

...Titanium white...