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Originally Posted by akbaa
Thats nice I also did a lot of work for Fallout 3/NV and the elder scrolls Too bad the Sims is a bit different No G.E.C.K. here...
As for your idea for the music box : Sounds great ! Its so annoying if random sims go into my kingĀ“s quarter to play with it

Indeed G.E.C.K and CS was a joy drag and drop, it was all set out for you, but this sims lark is a pain after 5 mins of file searching the words start to dance and I trance out and forget what I was doing, any way these mods are just starters to give people ease until the top modders get onto the little things, I didnt want to ask the big guys to mod my pet hates so I set out and helped myself, anyway here are two more, take note the faster cooking slower spoil will break the store in larder, no mater how many times I went over this or made completly seperate mods (even though the codes was all in on file) the minuite I change the cooking speed it broke the store seed, I know its fixable its a case of testing it with every value changed (one at a time, feel free to do so :D), so if you use the faster cooking mod remove the "StoreSeedsInLarder", sorry about that.
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