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Originally Posted by Killerrj8
I know this already but where is the config located ? I opened the package with Notepad ++ and changed it but that didnt work and yes i deposited 2.000 ยง

You have to edit .package files for the the sims 3 using S3PE.

EDIT: Newer versions of this mod have a option to 'view' ( as READONLY ) the current tuned values.
This can be accessed under 'Debug -> Display Tuning Data' (you can use this to verify that you followed these steps correctly)
  1. Download S3PE from the link (use the easy installer version)
  2. Open the package file in S3PE (you may need to tick the box at the bottom that says: 'names' as well as 'tags' for the next step)
    • using v1.16.48176.704 or later: open NeoH4x0rGlobalOnlineBankingMod-Config.package
    • using an earlier version: open NeoH4x0rGlobalOnlineBankingMod.package
  3. Select the resource in the list that says (SimBankAccountObjectManager.xml or anyother xml resource)
  4. Click the button at the bottom of S3PE that says 'Grid'
  5. If you selected the correct resource (after clicking the 'Grid' button) you shoud see a dialog with an entry named 'TextFileReader'
  6. Click the drop down box (under Import/Export/Edit...)
  7. Click 'Export...'
  8. Choose to save the xml to a file on your computer
  9. Edit the xml file in notepad (leave S3PE open)
  10. Return to S3PE (repeat the export steps, but click 'Import...')
  11. Select the xml you edited and import
  12. Click 'Commit'
  13. Click File->Save
  14. Load up the game and try again

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