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Originally Posted by SandrineD
Don't even know if its possible yet
I have upsized a smaller world by changing files

See? You did it!

Re: your 707 Generator- I've hit some snags, I must be doing something wrong!

With zaide_chris' program, I can generate planes to replace the rivers I made using the river objects from China.
With River object:

With water plane (it's a bit rough, I need to sculpt the river bank and move the rocks, but it already looks better!):

If I try to copy paste the code generated with your generator into HxD, I get this:

If I paste instead over the text, I get this when I try to open the world:

I think that means I asked it to do something stupid! What can I do to correctly paste the code in? I did notice that the HTML had a load of decimals in it- .1, D., like that.

Did I put the wrong parameters in, maybe?