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More to download if you wish!

I have uploaded my save files to mediafire, so you can finish the lots I had started yourselves if you want to. Just no uploading any of them under your own name!

The rar contains the saves folder for finnington before I emptied it, so it doesn't have the spawners I think. But you can bin the lots you want, and move them to your own Finnington save. See, I'm a little lazy, so I will leave the hard work for you guys

With this said, I will announce that my story with Finnington was here. I am NOT making any more lots for it, or finishing the ones I had started.

How to use?
- Download the rar
- Extract to your documents/Electronic Arts/Sims 3/Saves.
- Launch game, and it should be in your already saved games, the save is called Old versus new - lots. (or so)

*Disclaimer* Since this file is older than the one in the main upload, it also contains lots that I have later finished and uploaded separately. Just take the ones you want. It also has a working name, so it won't say Finnington :P

Here's the download link, enjoy! Deleted link due to the save being so badly outdated

I think I had some sorta brain malfunction. Since this save is new, of course it has a lot of finished lots Only thing missing should be the spawners and maybe some deco. So I still suggest that you just snatch the lots from this to your own save :P

This was saved with patch 8.0.152. I don't think you'll need Generations (someone please confirm if you test it out), the installed game requirements should be same as with Finnington world file.