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Thumbs up Hidden Springs DT found and packaged...
Jay290783, thanks for that information! It's strange because the DT mesh definitely is inside the world file, as evidenced here by someone who cloned it in order to make it available in other worlds:
It's possible that the Instance 0x00000000B9105A6D Name phong is referencing the DCCache, as with Riverview and Barnacle Bay the STBL resources are stored there (which explains why you have the sim names and lot names show as filepaths when you edit the worlds). That would cause a problem, and make the DT disappear when you save the world. I don't have Hidden Springs to test myself, though.
I agree that the _KEY files are auto-generated, as if you delete them they will regenerate. Have you tried deleting the _KEY resources before saving Hidden Springs to see if that makes a difference? It's possible that the _KEY files are referencing a filepath on the EA servers, which might be part of the problem.
You could always download rian90's DT file (it won't work unless you have Hidden Springs installed), or make your own.

I haven't checked that link yet. I should've read this post BEFORE I tried to create my own package with the Hidden Springs DT in it.
However, with extreme perseverence, and by looking at your Farmland DT package for er Riverview, I finally found out what options needed clicking on in S3OC and I successfully created a Hidden Springs DT package that, when put in the CAW framework, finally shows up in the objects list, that you can add to your world, as terrainDistant_dw3
Oh and, for the purposes of adding it to Hidden Springs, if the DT has vanished, the positions should be as follows:

Postition X 1176.34619
Position Y 40.1174927
Position Z 1126.32166
Rotation X 0
Rotation Y -17.5000019
Rotation Z 0

Hope that helps,

p.s. I've uploaded my Hidden Springs DT package file in case anyone wants to use it

Edit: Not sure how accurate these are now, but the stats for the DT I posted previously look outrageously wrong (still don't get why they don't line up if those were the stats of the original DT ). Anyway, the stats that I've now tried, that are about as good as I can get them, are as follows:

Postition X 2416.829
Position Y 16.9994049
Position Z -18.8854046
Rotation X -177.397751
Rotation Y 14.4141788
Rotation Z -169.652954

Obviously those are quite different from the first set, but as I said, the first set don't seem to line up correctly for whatever reason.
Anyone have any ideas as to why the EA DT stats don't work for the user DT even though it's, I presume, the exact same DT used in Hidden Springs?

Answers on a postcard please lol

Edit2: Forget all those coordinates, they seem to be wrong. Does anyone have any idea of what the actual corodinates should be so that the Hidden Springs DT is exactly where it is supposed to be?
Again, why do EA have to make it so bloody difficult just to place some Distant Terrain?

Edit3: OK I am about as close to 100% sure as I can get that I've finally cracked the coordinates.
I closed and reopened a Hidden Springs Test world, that had the oroginal DT in it, and found the following coordinates:

Postition X 2201.60034
Postition Y -12.5020151
Postition Z -91.0409546
Rotation X 179.999985
Rotation Y -0.963996232
Rotation Z 179.999985

Those coordinates, when entered into my actual Hidden Springs world that I'm using, with the unlocked DT, placed the DT perfectly. There was one anomaly though, Rotation Z 179.999985 refuses to stay at that and actually becomes Rotation Z -179.999985 but the DT still stays perfectly in place.

I just need to save my world and close CAW, then reopen CAW and see if my worlds DT stays where it should be.

Wish me luck :D
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