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Highjacking this thread :P

I have enabled one streetlamp to show up in CAW, and thought I'd share it, but I don't see a point on making separate thread for just one object.

Say bye bye to the flag!

Maybe someone has enabled this already, but I have not seen it so far. So there you go. Streetbright without the annoying flag. It's an OBJD mod, so you will need to have the original object (from Ambitions). Put the file to your CAW framework (and ingame too I suppose so that they don't disappear when you use EIG) and enjoy

I might be doing more, so I shall edit this post if I find more objects I need to enable for CAW.


I saw thew post by Varpunen, asking for this lamp, so here you go! Ranch streetlight enabled for CAW

OBJD mod, like the one above. Overrides the original lamp by making it show on CAW catalog. You will need Pets to have this. Have fun!
ps. I don't know what it's english name is, most likely something with ranch as the filename. In finnish caw it's called "vaakalamppu".
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar armiel_lightingOutdoorStreetCountryNoFlag.rar (506 Bytes, 506 downloads)
File Type: rar armiel_lightingOutdoorStreetRanch2x1.rar (1.8 KB, 444 downloads)