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Chapter 1: New Born, New Troubles.

Achille landed home with a pale face that showed sorrow, pain and fear. Concerned by his aspect, Marysa asked: “What’s wrong? I’ve never seen you like this before…”. Due to his trembling, he could not take a word out of his mouth. Marysa, who hates to repeat herself, asked again: “Achille, tell me what’s wrong!”
“He… he… he’s born!!” Achille replied with difficulty. After that sentence was said, a sinister silence dropped in the room. They both looked at each other, realizing that what they thought they have gotten rid of, came back to haunt them.

“ I’m not feeling very well….”, and she sat down after whispering those words. “I had the same reaction as yours” declared Achille. He proceeded, “ We have to do something, and quick. If we reconstruct the Order, we could…”
“ The Order is dead.”, she interrupted.
“What do you mean?!”
“You know what I mean. Deena’s gone. She was the Order itself. THE ORDER IS DEAD” and she walked away refraining her tears from sliding down her cheeks.
“ Marysa! You’re a witch, a paranormal character, you BELONG to that Order, I DON’T! The world depends on you and on your similars! You….”

“SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UUUUPPPP!!!” she screamed loudly. “Don’t talk to me about this! DON’T! Go get the Order yourself!! I’m by no means responsible of this damn world!!”
“….It was times like these when I thought my father, who hated guns and had never been to any wars, was the bravest man who ever lived. He was a normal mortal. You are a witch, and you can’t even reach half of his courage. Bye Marysa.” , so he shut the door behind his back and walked away frowning.
“ No wait! I’m sorry Achille…!!” But it was too late, as Achille had already crossed the street.

“I’m stupid. I must fix what I’ve just done… I’m invoking Authentica…” Marysa said to herself. She immediately headed to the basement, placed the candles in a circle shape and started chanting:
“Mother of time and space,
Show yourself to me,
Right now, right in this place,
I really need you desperately,
Bring me with you some grace,
As the child came to birth suddenly.”
And Authentica appeared before her, with a serious, worried look.

“I was waiting for your call Marysa. The Emperor of Evil has come to light. Even though I wield the power of time and space, I cannot return to the past to the moment of his birth. It was meant to happen, and I can only modify what WASN’T meant to happen. You have to fight dear.”
“What should I do?” cried Marysa. “ I feel guilty about everything! And if you can’t bring us back in time, we’re done! I really want you to help me Mother Authentica… I beg you!”
“I’ll take you back to where you fought with Achille. Try to find a more suitable answer this time….”
As Marysa heard those words, she found herself standing in front of Achille.


“ Marysa! You’re a witch, a paranormal character, you BELONG to that Order, I DON’T! The world depends on you and on your similars! You….”
“Achille, let’s get down to work…”
“Huh? Wait weren’t you just saying the Order is dead and kept discouraging yourself?”, He questioned her.
“Forget about that. The Order is still dead. We are reforming a new one. Let’s get down to work.”
“You’re weird and unpredictable Marysa!”
“I’m a witch Achille. Now enough about this subject, call Dan and tell him to meet us at the coffee shop.”

Few minutes later, Dan, Marysa and Achille met at the café. Dan, keeping his eye on his watch asked: “so what is it you guys want to tell me?”
Marysa replied “ He’s born. We are forming a new Order before any damage is inflicted.”
“HE IS BORN?!” Dan shouted with surprise. “Oh there’s nothing I can do, I’ve lost my powers and…”
“Dan!” interrupted Achille. “I’d be really thankful if you’d just stopped lying for once. Everyone in this world is in danger, your kids included. You know you don’t want anything bad happen to them…”

“I’m sorry guys. I just don’t want to go through all I went last year. I have to go, need to pick up the kids from school. Marysa, Achille, goodbye.” And Dan left, leaving the witch and the mortal alone.
“ This isn’t good. I’m not going to do everything by myself… We lost Dan, the calamity power… who else could we ask to join us?” asked Marysa.
“How about Layla, the fire controller?”
“She’ll do the same. They were all close to death last year. And they weren’t even members of the Order…”
“You’re a witch. Use your powers and scry for people who own the same abilities as you…”
This said, they both headed back home with large disappointment…

After uncountable and unsuccessful tentatives, Marysa gave up. “Achille, I’m desperate. I can’t find anyone; no one is answering my telepathic calls. I’m done.” And she sat at the corner of her room, her head on her knees, her tears raining over the carpet. Achille didn’t say a word. He left the poor girl fade in the obscure shadows of the room’s corner.

Seeing Marysa’s state, Achille decided he would help her. He secretly went to see Layla, whose reaction of shock was expected. “I need the old Marysa back.” , decalred Achille. “ By watching her, I began to think there was some skill involved in being a girl, or better said, a witch. You own supernatural powers, and your lives aren’t easy at all, I understand that. But please Layla, help us take out the new born, and most importantly, help ME get back the cheerful Marysa I know… Please Layla, please…”
Layla didn’t let a single word out of her mouth. She simply nodded, confirming she would offer her help, despite her excessively jealous character…

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