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Hi, I've been a lurker for more than 3 years but finally have something to contribute now.

I'm working on a custom world in CAW and wanted to achieve a crisp and golden lighting which is typical to late summer/early autumn here in Scandinavia. So after fiddling about with both the colour ramps and .ini files I think I have figured out, which ones correlate to each of the EA weather types.

In CAW there are five slider settings in the Time of day panel (at least that's what I think it's called in the English version) and I've assumed that they run in the following order:

1. Clear
2. Partly cloudy
3. Overcast
4. Stormy
5. Custom

This assumption is based on observing how the cloud cover and atmosphere looks under each setting - I could be wrong but it also seems like a fairly logical order to me

After changing the hue for each colour ramp quite drastically this is the result I came up with:


Partly clouded




Hope this helps.

simsample - concerning your problems viewing your changes in game, I'm experiencing the same issue when testing in CAW. More often than not all five different weather settings only show the clear weather but I find that reimporting the altered files and reloading CAW corrects the issue. Still, as you say, it makes testing quite tiresome.