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Because I like Kayla's idea for a theme song, I decided to post one for mine Click here. I know, it's not a typical song, but it inspired me very much. (The guy's voice sounds in my head like Han's voice, lol)

Han experienced mixed feelings within him when he got his new assignment - kidnap the mayor’s daughter again. He was about to make the right decision and save the girl from a cruel gang, when jealousy darkened his mind when he saw the girl with another guy. “The Night Riders” have succeeded with Han’s help - the girl was kidnapped.
However, things went out of plan when the mayor refused to make an exchange, “The Riders” were mad. For good or bad, the girl was left under Han’s supervision…

Chapter 5: Black Parade

An incredible heat burned Han’s skin under his thick black leather suit, the intense eagerness completely stole his mind that moment. All hidden feelings, which were kept somewhere deep for so many years, have finally broke free with an incredible strength. The invisible magnet forced him to go closer, to touch the soft pale skin, to feel another human’s warmth…
The girl sat motionless staring down at her feet. She didn’t even notice when Han’s hand touched her hip, it almost looked like she didn’t care of what’s going on.
The touch made Han even more exited, the beast inside him craved for more.

Then, something small fell on the ground, right from where the girl’s face was. For the moment, Han thought that it was a little diamond, but when he looked down, there was only a clear drop of water on the cold metal ground. It wasn’t a diamond, it was a tear.
Han’s hand slowly reached for the girl’s face and gently tilted her chin up. When his eyes met her sad and empty gaze, something happened.
In one second, the whole world turned upside down. There was no beast inside him anymore, only a little sad kitten wishing to be fondled. The girl’s sadness and pain was somehow transferred into his own emotions and suddenly, he wished to see her happy.
The big lump of guilt stuck in Han’s throat, he realized that it was his fault, he was the one who brought such troubles to this poor girl.
- Why didn’t you listen to me? Why did you go on that empty street alone? – started Han. His words sounded more like a charge than the question.
- I… I though I was everything to him. – said Alex with the same empty gaze. She didn’t answer his question. – I thought he would do everything for me.
- What did you expected? – he continued. – I told you that the next time we meet won’t be pleasant. You have no idea what those men can do to you! - he stopped his words right there, hiding the fact of what he almost did to her. He felt terrible shame.
The girl finally looked at him; her face was unreadable again.
- It’s better to be you than one of them. – she said quietly. There were no tears on her face anymore.
Han starred at her in confusion. After a moment of awkward silence, his hands reached for the girl again. Alex held her breath with tension, but she didn’t move away.

Han freed her hands.
Now it was he who sat with his head down. The girl looked at him and the little smile grew around the corners of her lips. Without saying a word, she jumped of her seat and wrapped her arms around him. Han just froze like a lifeless statue without even being able to breathe; few moments passed until he instinctively responded.
Han forgot about everything while he held her in his arms, the little kitten inside him jumped around with happy mew. It was a very light and pleasant feeling, which Han had never experienced before; but one thing he knew for sure – he wanted it to last forever.
Two bodies, tied with their hands in a tight ball, just sat in silence, as words weren’t necessary. Unfortunately, time flew by very quickly and Han knew that he will have to return to the gang’s office soon.
It took a lot of will to let the girl go, as it seemed much harder to leave her here alone. Han couldn’t afford to care about her so much, it could kill them both.
- I’m sorry, I can’t stay here any longer. – he said while standing up.
The girl just looked at him with a silent question in her eyes. Han didn’t respond, he opened the heavy door and disappeared in the darkness behind it. It was his silent goodbye.
He left the door opened.

Meanwhile in “Emperor’s” office, the gang members were arguing about their recent failure. Han knew, that they won’t leave it in peace; they will seek for an even more horrifying revenge.
And he was right, their new plan was ridiculously cruel – give the mayor their “Fire of Gratefulness”.

As the mayor’s status was the most important thing for the leader of this city, the gang’s main target was his lair – Bridgeport City Hall. Hundreds of people working there today would die painfully in the bomb fire, hundreds of innocent and good people.

When Han was familiarized with the new plan, he knew that it would end up unpleasantly for him. This thought didn’t stop him, as it meant the end for the gang as well.
That morning everyone in the gang was prepared for their biggest massacre ever. Dozen of men, dressed in the same black suits looked like actors in a funeral play. The scary, black parade.
Every “Rider’s” move was relying on speed and accuracy, one little mistake and everything could go very wrong. You've got to be quick on your feet in this world if you want to survive. Though once you know the rules, it’s not too hard to play the game. The rules of this little game were simple – pairs of men running quickly to their indicated location in the city hall, setting up the explosives and running back to their van. For Han‘s surprise, „The Emperor“ choose him to set the bomb together, it was the perfect opportunity for him to finally confront his arch enemy.

All men entered the building so fast, like it was a drag race. The old, unused stage door kept the element of surprise on their side. Han‘s target was on the roof, a spot right above the mayor‘s office. However, Han had other plans for playing his role today. While „The Emperor“ was busy preparing the bomb, Han quickly dialed 911 on his cell phone. It was the distraction he needed, someone who would stop the bombs from exploding before it was too late. Then the time for his long awaited revenge had finally come.

The time seemed to slow down when the adrenaline rushed though Han‘s veins. His enemy didn‘t expected the attack, a glimpse of shock brightly flashed on the „Emperor‘s“ face under the sunlight. Han grabbed his neck and pushed him to the edge of the rail, the man‘s body dangerously hung above it, the five storey high distance separated it from the solid concrete ground.
Han looked his victim in the eyes – small, pathetic gaze of a fallen soul; but it was nothing compared to what his own face looked in the reflection of the man‘s eyes. A monster.
Han lost his will for a moment, time completely stopped around him, revenge seemed to have lost it‘s fuel for him. He tried to remember the face of his mother to bring his memory back, to wake the wrath again, but all he could imagine was a blank face. He couldn‘t remember how his mother looked like.
Then, a new face appeared in his mind. A young, pale and beautiful face, surrounded with a silky red hair rim.
His hands released the man.

Time regained it‘s flow, but Han stood still with a dead look in his eyes. The police sirens were already near and there was no chance to escape.
Han didn‘t want to run, there was no need to hide anymore.
That day was the most glorious day in Bridgeport history, „The Night Riders“ gang seized to exist. The police caught all who assisted in the city hall bombing, the other‘s were taken right after that. It was the day, which every person in this city will remember as a Big Day of the relief; people could finally feel safe on the streets at night.

It wasn‘t a happy day for Han, he was locked in a small interrogation room, waiting for his doom. He was in the middle of inner metamorphosis, all his priorities, values and feelings were changing, the hurricane of thoughts left him motionless. He wasn’t interested in what the detective was asking him, he sat with his face hidden in the shadows, without any will to do anything.
- Mister Simmons, we invited you here, because we have some very controversial witnessing about you. – said the detective. His words were a wakeup call for Han, but he still didn’t look up. - Our witness says that you didn’t work for the gang and you disguised yourself as one of them to help turn them in. – detective’s look was very suspicious, but he continued. – We also checked that you made the call about the bomb. Can you confirm all this?

Han’s mind went clear; he realized that it was the thanks from the girl for freeing her. It was a very clever and noble thing from her to do. Now they were even.
Nevertheless, Han felt that those words weren’t exactly the truth - his motives were different. He realized it only very recently, so he felt that being honest was the least thing he could do.
Han finally tilted his head from the shadows; his blue eyes sparkled in a bright lamp light.
- No detective, while I confirm every other word, I must state that I did all this for other reasons. – his heartbeat increased tenfold as he spoke. Detective waited for the continuation, Han made a deep sigh and said:
- I did all this, because I have strong and doubtless feelings for your witness. My goal was to end the “Riders”, until I unconditionally and irrevocably fell in love with her.

The reaction on the other side of the glass wall was electric.
Han didn‘t know who was watching him behind the speechless mirror, but his intuition let him know.
After confirming Alex‘s words, Han was totally „clean“. The police didn‘t have any proof to find him guilty: no fingerprints in the gang‘s crime scenes, no face recognition, nothing at all. As a co-owner of all „Rider‘s“ business objects, after arresting all other members, he was the only owner left.

But Han didn’t want all that fortune, after leaving the police department, the first thing that he wanted to do, was sell everything and leave the city. Too many things were bothering him at the moment, leaving seemed to be the only rational decision.
Han was thinking of the way he could tell goodbye to Jude; he would be happy to finally get his bar back. When he started the engine of his motorcycle, he heard the worried voice behind him.
- Han! Wait! – shouted Alex, she was running towards him.

- What… Are…You… Doing? – she breathed heavily from the running.
- I’m leaving. – said Han. He felt uncomfortable seeing the girl’s stare at his uncovered face.
- Take me with you. – plead the girl.
- What? Why? – he asked suspiciously. - You belong here; this is your home, your family, your happy life. – there was a bottomless hole of confusion in Han’s head. Why would she even want to say that?
Alex sighted with a slight smile on her face.
- You don’t understand, don’t you? – she started. – You were watching me for so long and still haven’t figured out that the life I have isn’t what I want. You have no idea what it means to be the mayor’s daughter.– she leaned closer with those words. - I’ve been fighting to be who I am all my life. What’s the point of being who I am, if I can’t have the person who was worth all the fighting for?
Han’s heart almost jumped out of his chest, everything went dark in his eyes, only the girl’s face stayed clear as the only star in the black night sky.
He took her with him.

Current Events: Dish Best Served Cold, Forbidden Love
Previous Events: Emperor of Evil, Murder, Chance Meeting, Dog Days, Tomb, Betrayal, Graduation, Adventure, Ambrosia (Bonus)
Word Count: 1970 (MS Word)
CC Used: Allowed: Yes, Penalized: No
Bonus Quote: “I’ve been fighting to be who I am all my life. What’s the point of being who I am, if I can’t have the person who was worth all the fighting for?” Stephanie Lennox, I Don't Remember You

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