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Nilxis- I'm glad you got it working, well done!

Yes, I would be glad for you to translate it, although I have a few things to request:
-Please remember that this tutorial is likely to be updated (as I am making adjustments as people test and find glitches in my explanations), so be prepared to update your Spanish version too.
-Please don't re-host the patch- give people the link to my download. That way, I can update it should the need arise.
-Please make it clear that this patch is for the current version of CAW, and that it will likely not work should EA update.
-Please make it clear that people should backup their files first!
-Please ask your readers to post problems/ glitches to this forum (they can use Google translate) as this will help me to improve the tutorial.
-Please make it clear that all credit is due to atavera, who devised the patch and discovered the hidden features in the first place. All I did was to write atavera's instructions into a tutorial.
-And lastly, please send me a link, and that way I can link to it in my tutorial for our Spanish speaking friends to see.

Bakafox- I can't see that this is a problem with XP, so there must be some way that your install is varying from mine. Could you give me the following information please?
-Game install location
-CAW install location
-Game version for each EP and SP that you have installed
Not sure how much of this is relevant, but it will help me to gain a better understanding, anyway!

Querin- Sorry, missed your reply! Could you supply the same info as I asked Baka for too please?

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