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Finally finished the Color Ramp designer that I alluded to in an earlier post. This has what I consider to be a more accurate timeline indicator along with a layered arrangement that should significantly reduce the
time it takes to construct color ramps. All EA color ramps are included as layers...thanks to simsample for providing those.

This assumes that you have the DDS plugin.

All layers are precisely aligned so as to allow fast interchanging of color ramps between layers.

Zoom to around 600%

Use selection tools(Magic Wand Tool with tolerance set to 1 & Rectangular Marquee Tool) to select the row or section of row you wish to edit on the 'Designer' layer. Copy & 'paste in place' from included EA color ramps, or design your own gradients. Use the selection tools 'add to selection'(for the wand) and 'intersect with selection'(with marquee) modes to enable multiple & partial row selection(s), respectively.

As per simsample, when you have finished with the color ramps on an image, flatten the layers, save as a ARGB 32 bpp DDS file, with no mip maps.
Maybe an easier way to do this would be to open up the DDS file you are replacing and copy and 'paste into place' the final flattened PSD image and simply select save.

Also, the original weather type and last 3 instance characters of the original files are used as layer names where applicable.

Let me know if there are any corrections I need to make...

4-18-12 Updated

I've uploaded a new version that includes a graph overlay, a flashbar builder and override package along with other tweaks...

I'll be writing a tutiorial for this in the upcoming weeks, but for now I should mention that if you want to alter a section of one of the included EA colour bars there are two ways:
The first is to simply select the colour bar section you want to change with the Rectangular Marquee Tool(Photoshop), add a new layer and then use the Gradient Tool inside the selection...this will make an abrupt blend.
The second way is to select the full colour bar and then add opacity stops set to 0% to both ends of your gradient and apply in a new layer...this results in a smooth blend.
By putting your alterations in new layers, you have the ability to shift them laterally to get perfect timing using Edit>Free Transform with the altered layer selected.

Note: The included Weather Override uses the 7529C26EE8E2A9E6 dds(all other weather profiles have been deactivated) and is nominally set for full need to replace the dds in S3PE with one that has a colour bar or flash bar in the slot you want to research.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: zip Colour Ramp Designer 2 .zip (94.5 KB, 182 downloads)

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