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Default Base Arrow - lamamma's entry
This is Base Arrow, based in the big crater over Lunar Lake.
It can host a couple or a single sim, better if addicted to a mix of futuristic and old fashioned style, and with love for echologic assets. In this case, Ego Arrow has all these traits. He totally loves his bedroom glass box, the comfortable living and the view of the valley.

Except for the KathyPerrySP, I used all EPs and SPs and few items from the store (cambodian blinds, some futureshock sets items, and other free store objects).
No other CCs.

Requested images


Plan (1st floor, 2nd floor, roof)

Additional pictures
Living and Kitchen


Bedroom and studio

By the way, thanks to Qbuilderz and co. for starting this foundation contest, really interesting and worth for my game since I suffer of lack of inspiration while strongly needed a kick for building a place for Ego Arrow. Let me know if I have to change or delete some pics or whatever.