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A build competition? I can't pass those up! Ok, so it's not actually building, cuz we can't change any structure, but I love the budget twist you've thrown in instead. LOVE doing budget houses! I had already done over my original version so I'm going to be plunking these 5 houses down in my Bluewater Downtown instead. I'm a little concerned because the judges for this contest were all contestants in my last contest! Please don't hate on me! :p

There is so much pretty CC that I've never seen before in some of these houses too!
lipe2k, wcif the tablecloth and your patio set?
joandsarah77, wcif that side table in your dining room and the pictures in your kid's room?
GlorianaGlowbee, wcif the nightstands in your master bedroom, the corner table in the dining room, and that gorgeous clock?
Lucia940, wcif the black sofa in your living room?
Liv, wcif the orange polka dot bedding, the blanket, pillows, curtains (everything you have is so pretty!), that excellent outdoor bench, and also your dining set?