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Default Steve's House
I was getting a modern vibe from Steve all along, but then I started doing his house and he quickly mentioned that he didn't like *current* modern, but instead like mid-century modern with a lot of dark wood, silver, and spritzed with black and white. I asked him what his favorite color was and he said 'circles'. Rather a polarized kinda guy. Well, it's working well for him in the business world. While he is living and what could be a typical (if there is such a thing) architect's loft, he doesn't have the skill set or the right characteristics to ever achieve that dream. He is progressing nicely as a stunt double and hopes to make a horizontal move into the entertainment business soon building on his experience in show business.

Because I like the page staying clean, I think I'll do the rest of my images behind tags from now on. It seems to work well. Be sure to click through and read my descriptions!