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#421 Old 20th Oct 2012 at 5:46 AM
Okay, looks like I'm done! ^^; Please tell me if I messed up somewhere - it was a long week, today was a long day and I'm totally wiped right now.

I originally started out going with a really modern, sleek look and ... well, I'm not really sure how the end result came about. It just sort of happened! :D

I'm still struggling with getting decent pictures, even with the combination of the tab key, fraps and playing with the camera. I think that time will help me more than anything else, but I hope these are somewhat improved!

Oh, I designed for Steve Jones. I gave him a cute little 'gym', for relieving stress, and attached his office to his bedroom instead of a bathroom, since he's such a workaholic, he has nightmares if he doesn't sleep within a few yards of his computer