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Default Tutorial to Make Your Own Costumes!
Ok, it's only like what, two and a half weeks late? At least I'm getting it to you. I've got other projects that have been waiting months for their updates >.<

So you want to add some costumes to the trunk? Great! Here’s how:

Set Up
1. Download the template files and unrar them. There are two OutfitTemplates inside, one for outfits with hats or specific hairstyles, and one without. You can mix and match the ages and genders between the templates, but I’ll get into that a little later. You will need a matched pair of the OutfitTemplate and the PluginTemplate to create one costume.

2. Find/create/download the costumes you want to put into the trunk. It can be just a single outfit for one age and gender, or it can have outfits for the entire family. The outfit needs to be categorized as Everyday wear, though it can be hidden.

Part 1
3. First, clone the OutfitTemplate package (If your costume has specific hair, pick the hair template). To clone a custom object from Object Workshop you click Open instead of Start. Give it a new GUID and commit. Write the number down somewhere, we will need it in a few minutes.

4. Now click on the Instance column so the resources get sorted by that. Delete any pairs of ages/genders you do not want to include in this costume. You need to delete both the Age Data and the 3D ID Referencing File. In our trunk, this is how the age correlates to numbers:
  • 01 = Teen Boy
  • 02 = Child Boy
  • 03 = Teen Girl
  • 04 = Child Girl
  • 05 = Adult Female
  • 06 = Elder Female
  • 07 = Adult Male
  • 08 = Elder Male
  • 09 = Toddler Boy
  • 0A = Toddler Girl
5. If you have a mix of outfits with specific hairstyles or hats and ones that don’t, then you will need to replace the both the Age Data and the 3DIR files with ones from the other template. If you only copy one over and not both, you will get errors and likely floating heads.

6. Now you should have a set of ages and genders for your outfit, so it’s time to link the outfit. Make sure your outfits are in a folder SimPE can get at. Go to Extra > Preferences > File Table and under Advanced Settings either Add the folder by browsing to it, or click Add Downloads Folder if they are in your downloads. I recommend keeping them separate and just adding the single folder. It’s also a good idea to UNTICK all the EPs and SPs that don’t have your outfits in them either, this will make looking for the clothing so much faster.

7. Open up your first 3DIR and click on the Category line, then over on the right hand side, click the U button. Find the correct age and gender in the window and open up any of Casual 1-3 or Everyday to find your outfit. They are *supposed* to all be the same thing, but I’ve had trouble finding some of them in Everyday or in Casual 1 the first go-round. When you find the correct outfit, click Use. Then the box will go away and you need to click Commit. Then you can move on to the next one. If you have a hat, it will be separate line in the 3DIR, much like the outfit. Most of the hairs and hats can be found under Skin, so try there first. It doesn’t matter which hair color you select because the game will pick the right color, but if the hat has color options, make sure what the text says is what you want because sometimes the pictures are wrong. Go through all your 3DIRs and make sure to click Commit after each one. When you are done, click Save. You can now close that package.

Part 2
8. Now clone the PluginTemplate and give it a new GUID as well. Ideally, it should be the next number up from the costume you just made but it doesn’t technically matter.

9. Click on’ MakeActionString prim string set’ and replace the word TEST with whatever the name of your costume is. You should also replace the category name to one that matches. You may use any one of these: ‘Animal’, ‘Beach Theme’, ‘Everyday Hero’, ‘Sci-Fi’, ‘Spooky’, and ‘Fantasy’. We currently do not have any Fantasy costumes up and until we update the trunk, you can’t access any outfits you put in that category, but if that’s what you are dying to do, let us know and we’ll finish that right up so people can use yours. Make sure you used the exact spelling and capitalization that we did otherwise it won’t group correctly in the pie menu. Commit and save.

10. Now click on Function – Init. Change the Literal number of Attribute 0 in 0x2(2) to be whichever theme you just picked from above. The Operand box you need to edit is the 3rd one. Commit and save.
  • 1 = Animals
  • 2 = Beach Theme
  • 3 = Everyday Hero
  • 4 = Fantasy
  • 5 = Sci-Fi
  • 6 = Spooky
11. Now we have to tell the plugin what ages and genders can use this outfit. The next line down, Attribute 1 on line 0x3(3) needs to have it’s Literal number changed. This is a little more complicated, so we are going to use the PJSE Instruction Wizard. Click on the little hammer and wrench icon right below the Cancel button on the right hand side of the Operands. Make sure the tick box for ‘Decimal (except Consts)’ box is checked. Now comes the hard part – some basic math. Add all the values for each age/gender you want to include. An all ages outfit would be 1023, what you should already see in the box. A costume that is just for toddlers would have a value of 3. If you have a costume set that is just for women, and all ages it would have a value of 682. Add up your numbers, type it in, hit Okay, Commit, and Save.
  • Toddler Boy = 1
  • Toddler Girl = 2
  • Child Boy = 4
  • Child Girl = 8
  • Teen Boy = 16
  • Teen Girl = 32
  • Adult Male = 64
  • Adult Female = 128
  • Elder Male = 256
  • Elder Female = 512
12. Now is the last and trickiest part. We have to link this plugin to the outfit package we made a few minutes ago. You will need that package’s GUID now. Click on ‘CT – Dress In Individual Costume’. The first two lines say ‘Expression (Temp := Literal )’ and then some numbers. We need to change the numbers. If you have experience in linking carpools to careers or school uniforms or career outfits this will be familiar. If not, I’m walking you through it so read this part carefully. The GUID of the template we cloned was 0x0071B924 so you should see in the first line 0071 and the second line is B92C. The Operand boxes are reversed making everything difficult. Your GUID likely also starts with 00, which would be the fourth box. The next two numbers go in the box before it, the third box. Likewise, do the same thing with the next line. The fifth and sixth number from your GUID go in the fourth box, and the seventh and eighth number go in the third operand box. Is that confusing enough? After you have put all the numbers in, look at the lines again to make sure they are in the correct order. If this isn’t correct, nothing will work. Hit Commit and Save.

13. Because this is a Halloween object, we need to have an unlucky 13th step. Put these two packages and your outfits into your downloads folder along with the costume trunk package and test it out. If your words are there but when you click on them and they don’t change outfits, there is a problem with your plugin package, likely the GUID. If they do change clothes but it’s the wrong ones, then your problem is either in your Outfit package or you are missing standard clothing bits like the mesh or texture. If your sim’s body disappeared, then you screwed up combining the hats with non hats templates. If everything worked perfectly the first time, then you are SPOOKY GOOD at following instructions! Congrats! Please consider uploading your finished work to MTS and let me (Phaenoh) know about it and I’ll include a link to it in our main post.