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skeleton_thin: I guess you may want to enable internal debug logging within the mod...

To Enable Debug logging:
  • Follow these intructions to edit the mods xml resources
  • You have opended NeoH4x0rGlobalOnlineBankingMod-Config.package from the steps above in S3PE
  • Locate resource: NeoH4x0rGlobalOnlineBankingMod.xml: _XML 0x0333406C: 0x00000000: 0x56731BB464245F61
  • There is an entry in the xml named: kDebugEnableDebugMessages
  • Edit the this resource in notepad
  • change to: <kDebugEnableDebugMessages type="bool" value="True" />
  • Import this resource back into s3pe
  • Check that your changes were commited (verify the value changed)
  • Save the file
  • --Debug Logging should now be enabled and the game will log serveral messages to this file

To disable logging: do the steps in reverse:
<kDebugEnableDebugMessages type="bool" value="False" />

Log File Location:
Documents Folder\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\GlobalOnlineBankingMod-log.*.xml

Follow all of these steps, enable logging, and then you should be able to create a zip file of the logs and attach the zip to a new post.

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