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The Johnson Family: Budget - 70,000 - Stacie, Brian and the twins, Hannah and Teresa (aged 9) love the beach. They can't afford to move to the shore, so they'd like to bring the beach to their home. BONUS The twins don't mind sharing a room, BUT they would LOVE to have their own bathroom (their parents would love it too.)

Judges: I have removed the door between the kitchen and the downstairs bathroom.

Stacie and Brian loved this house when they first went to look at it because it had so much potential to be the house they’d always dreamed of (even if they couldn’t afford a beach house). Brian set to painting the exterior and Stacie concentrated on the internal decorating. She let the girls choose their room and although they really loved the beach theme going on around the rest of the house they were also into their Barbie’s, so Barbies won! The whole family planned the garden out.

I did have a lovely underfloor aquarium in this house but then realised I would lose 5 points, so it had to go. But, I'm gonna upload this house somewhere so watch out for the upload link, if you want it.