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Default Step 4: Rename the Neighborhood Files
Give the new neighborhood a unique name:

If you give your neighborhood folder a unique name, there will be no possibility of it conflicting with any other neighborhood or subhood.

You should rename your neighborhood before running the game. If you do not, your installation files may be accidentally modified when you run the game. You will want to change the name of your neighborhood folder and the prefix of all files within that folder.

There are several renaming utilities which can help you to rename every file in a folder. I use Bulk Rename, but you can use any tool that you want, or even rename every file by hand. Since Bulk Rename is somewhat complicated to use, here is how I renamed all of the files in the Twikkii Island subhood (T001) to TWIK.

4.0) Rename your neighborhood folder and run Bulk Rename.

4.1) Navigate to your newly renamed folder in the pane at the top left.

4.2) In the Repl (3) section, type in the old and new prefix. I usually select Match Case to minimize the likelihood of incorrect changes.

4.3) In the checkboxes at the bottom, select Subfolders. This will tell Bulk Rename to show all files, including those in any subfolders.

4.4) In the pane at the top right, select all of the files in your neighborhood. Bulk Rename will show you the new name beside the old one. Check that the new names are correct.

4.5) Click on the Rename button.

If you want to stick with the Maxis naming convention, be sure to choose something unique. For example, the shipped colleges are U001, U002, and U003, so you might want to choose U367. The shipped Downtown is D001, so you could pick D073 or D954.

Here is the standard naming convention:
University: U###
Downtown: D###
Suburbs (Open for Business): B###
Vacation (Far East): A###
Vacation (Mountain Lake): M###
Vacation (Island): T###

Even if you don't want to stick with the Maxis naming convention, you may want to stick to a 4 character folder name, since this will make your neighborhood compatible with most of the TS2 tools. Note that the name can contain any alphabetic characters or numbers. For example, here are some of my neighborhoods: CBGM (Chibougamou), GULL (Seagull Island), and NEWH (New Haven).

If you intend to upload your neighborhood to MTS, you will want to ensure that you choose a name which is not currently in use: