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Default How to Hide the FreeTime Stealth Neighborhood
Special Procedure for FreeTime only

If you do not have FreeTime installed, then you can ignore this post.

If you have FreeTime installed, there is a feature in the AnyGameStarter which will incorrectly handle the stealth neighborhood. You will need to do an initial step to disable the stealth neighborhood which is automatically installed when you create a new neighborhood. You must do this before creating your new neighborhood in the empty AnyGame. Basically, we rename the folder so that the game cannot find the neighborhood.

1) Find the location of the F002 folder in your installation directory. Usually, this is:
C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 FreeTime\TSData\Res\NeighborhoodTemplate\F002
However, if you selected a custom installation, then you will have to find the location where you installed FreeTime and navigate to the NeighborhoodTemplate subfolder.

2) Rename NeighborhoodTemplate to NeighborhoodTemplate_Stealth.

Note: Be sure to restore the NeighborhoodTemplate folder after you are done changing your neighborhood type.

Warning: The hobby subhood is automatically added to a primary neighborhood the first time that you open the neighborhood in the game. You must be careful not to open any neighborhoods which require the Hobbies subhood while the Hobbies subhood template is unavailable. Specifically, do not open a neighborhood while the template is unavailable unless:
A) It already contains the Hobbies subhood
B) You never want the Hobbies subhood added to this neighborhood (for example, a neighborhood which you intend to convert to a subhood, or a subhood which is currently being edited).