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Originally Posted by Amairani
Then I ran the [HoodChecker] again, this time with an option to show me all memories, even valid ones and under Valid Memories it gave me a long long list of data related to the only four lots I moved from previous 'hood to this one, no hacks in them, Sims never lived in them, even in old 'hood (at least I'm sure for my game, I downloaded those lots, not built myself).
Thanks for the report. I must admit that this doesn't look right to me at all. It seems very odd that a lot would have inventory items. I'm going to do some research to see whether I can figure out what these are.

[Update:] Here's what I've learned: apartment sublots have inventories which include various objects. E001 (Belladonna Cove) is the only shipped neighborhood which has these memories, and only for apartment sublots, not for apartment base lots or any other kind of lot. A quick check seems to indicate that different apartment sublots for the same apartment base lot do not have the same set of inventory items. This makes me believe that these items may be the items which are considered to be "owned" by a specific occupied apartment. For example, the Sentinal Apartments sublot for the Cho family has a crib and a stuffed animal in the lot inventory.

Since I don't recognize many of the objects in your HC report, I'm assuming that they are CC. The question is why is the game treating your lots like apartment sublots?

BTW: You can include your CC in the SimPE Simantics Resource Finder search by going to Extra -> Preferences -> System Folders and ensuring that Savegame points to your save game, then going to Extra -> Preferences -> FileTable and clicking on "Add downloads folder". Your downloads folder will be added under Advanced Settings; make sure that the line "Recursive folder: (SaveGameFolder)Downloads\" is checked. Note that this won't help you if the CC was in the downloaded lot, but not in your Downloads folder.