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Default Information|4|Expansion Packs and Stuff Packs required
1: You have ticked Expansion Packs (EPs) and/or Stuff Packs (SPs) for your sim as required which are not actually required. Unless the EP/SP content used on them is absolutely essential to their overall look, please don't tick any EPs or SPs as required. This ensures that people browsing MTS in "compatible" mode (to see items that work with their particular EPs and SPs as set in their profile) will still see your sim, since they can use it and just change the sim's hair, clothes, etc.

5: You have not ticked any Expansion Packs (EPs) and/or Stuff Packs (SPs) for your sim, or have ticked only those which are absolutely required for their overall look. Thanks! This makes sure that everyone who can use your sim will see it when browsing on MTS.

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