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Default Quality|8|Black and White Intensity

1:You have used pure black or pure white for your textures. The Sims 2 does not render pure black or white textures properly, making them look like glitches - either a "black hole effect", or a very bright, blinding white. Use very dark grey for black, and very light grey for white.|Making Black and White Textures

3: Some small parts of the textures appear to be pure black or pure white, which do not display correctly in-game. The affected parts are so tiny that it doesn't make a big difference to the overall quality, but in future, you should use very light grey for white, and very dark grey for black, which will still look like black and white in-game but will display properly. For more info, see: Tiptorial: Black and White

5:You have not used pure black or white on your textures.

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