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Default Quality|6|Textures - Bump map
1:The bump map doesn't match the texture. This can be because it wasn't changed from the original bump map on the mesh, or because it's just a desaturated version of the texture.|Tiptorial: Bump Maps

1:The bump mapping is too harsh, with too much contrast, creating more of a 3D effect than it should.|Tiptorial: Bump Maps

3:Your bump map is pretty good. It's not over-strong, and the details you've chosen to bumpmap are appropriate - OR you have used a neutral bump map to remove the bump mapping entirely.|Tiptorial: Bump Maps

4:Your bump mapping is quite good. The strength of the bumps is right, and you've bumpmapped all the right areas. Nice job!

5:Your bump map is fantastic. It makes your textures look perfectly 3D and very realistic. Excellent!

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