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Default **Quality|9|Meshes - Morphs
1:The mesh does not include at least a fat morph, though the mesh is such that a fat morph could easily be done for it. Unless there's a good reason why not, all body meshes should include at least a fat morph.

1:The mesh includes a fat morph, but the fat morph has some problems.

2:The pictures and information do not contain enough information on whether or not there are morphs included, so we can't really tell anything about the morphs. See the Pictures and Information sections for more on this.

3: The mesh includes at least a fat morph and it looks okay - or you have made it clear there is no fat morph included, because there's a good reason for your type of mesh.

4:The mesh includes at least a fat morph, and it looks very nice.

5:The mesh includes both a fat morph and a pregnant morph, and they look great. Huzzah!

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