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Default Quality|5|Chance Cards
1:You have included chance cards which don't make sense or are incomplete (in the sense of the chance cards for an individual level being incomplete - having chance cards for some levels and not for others is fine). Chance cards are not mandatory, but they do make careers more interesting and add more to gameplay: however, it's better to have no chance cards than non-working chance cards.

3:You haven't included chance cards. Chance cards aren't mandatory, but they make careers a lot more interesting and add more gameplay value, so consider including them in future!
3:You've included chance cards, but you haven't given any examples of them in your text, so we can't comment on how wonderful they are.

4:You've included good chance cards for all or most levels. Lovely!

5:You've included great, well-written chance cards for all levels, making your career a labyrinth of peril for employed sims. Just what we like to see!

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