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Default Quality|4|Sinking or Floating
1:One or more of your poses appear to be sinking below or floating above the surface they're resting on.

2:It's impossible to tell if your pose is sinking or floating because of the imagery provided. If your background has been edited out or the shadows can't be seen beneath the sim, the pose will usually look like it's floating in thin air. Poses should not noticeably sink into or float above the surface that they're intended to be resting on.

3:Some of your model's joints may be sinking into the floor/objects unnecessarily, or floating a little too high above the floor/object so that your sim doesn't look entirely stable. However, your poses do appear to be in contact with the ground and/or the objects that you have used.

5:Your poses are positioned accurately upon the surface that they're resting on. Great work!

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