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Default Who are the mods? How do I become a mod?

Who/what are the staff?

The MTS staff team, made up of the moderators and the admins, are responsible for keeping MTS running - that entails keeping an eye on threads, answering questions, moderating uploads, dealing with rule breakers; as well as bigger tasks like writing FAQs and modding updates, discussing and eventually implementing new features, systems, forums and so on.

All staff members are volunteers, working on the site in their spare time; and we have quite a small team - generally around twenty or so staff members at any one time.

For a list of all current staff members, click here (but bear in mind that, if you need to contact a staff member, picking a random name off that list and PMing them will probably not get you the person you need). Staff members can be identified by their pretty coloured names, and an icon beneath their avatar, as detailed below...

What do the different colours mean, or what flavours of staff are there?

Staff with light green names are moderators. Moderators generally have duties, and therefore powers, in one or two specific areas of the site - perhaps the help section, or the community boards; or a particular part of the Downloads area. Moderators generally look after the everyday runnings of their particular section - answering questions, nudging threads back on topic, moderating uploads etc; although all staff participate in general staff discussions about the site as a whole.

Staff with dark green names are Senior Moderators. Senior Moderators have the same powers as normal Moderators; but are considered to be among the most experienced and generally awesome of the moderators.

Staff with purple names are Super Moderators. Supermods have moderator powers everywhere on the site - that is, they can move, delete, and lock threads etc in any section of MTS. Supermods can also deal with users anywhere on the site - so if you're having troubles with a user in more than one thread/area, a supermod or an admin is a good person to talk to. Similarly, supermods can generally answer questions about the site in general - although it's usually better to post these in Site Issues.

Staff with red names are Administrators. Administrators can do pretty much anything in technical terms; and are, again, capable of answering questions or complaints about the site, and of dealing with users who need a smack upside the head.

Staff called Delphy are the Owner. They are a very rare breed; sightings are few and far between as they are usually well hidden behind curtains of code and acronyms. Delphies are the sole staff members responsible for coding all the gubbins on the site, and for looking after the servers.

What about Site Helpers?

Site Helpers are not staff members. Helpers are users who have agreed to dedicate time to helping out around the site - perhaps by updating and tidying the wiki, or by providing constructive feedback in the Creator Feedback Forum, or by greeting new members in the Introductions forum. They are not, however, moderators; they don't participate in staff discussions, and they do not have any mod powers (like locking threads).

How do I become a mod?

There is no "application process" for becoming a mod on MTS. If we decide that we need an extra pair of hands in a certain area, then we look at the members who use that area. Any who stand out as consistently being helpful, constructive, level-headed and polite are picked out and discussed. If all staff members are happy with the prospect of that being person being a moderator, then they are made so.

If you have modly ambitions, then the best thing to do is to be a helpful member - even if you're not asked to be a mod, your help will be greatly appreciated.