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The Sim Finder app apparently doesn't find any Sims... It creates a new townie instead. If you specify the traits / age / gender / sign instead of "surprise me!", they will be created just as specified, including the additional traits from AwesomeMod. If you pick traits that conflict each other, only the first trait will be chosen. I picked Supernatural Fan, Supernatural Skeptic, Grumpy, Hot-Headed, and Excitable as the traits, and the created townie ended up having only 2 traits.

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Pool covers, we need pool covers! Think it's too late to ask EA for them? (yes). Everything else can be put in the family inventory for the winter, but deleting the pool is not an option in my games. I'd let my Sims freeze first. Someone always comes running with a hair dryer anyway.

In TS2 Seasons, I read in Prima guide that the pool has an advanced technology or something that cools Sims down in summer but heat them up in winter when they swim. I don't know the case in TS3 Seasons though. Maybe the technology is going backwards after all. .

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