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Cat at SimsVirtualRealty is proud to present these reclaimed, lightly-gentrified, yet highly affordable - Row House Apartments:

This is a version of Building "A"; there are 3 apartments - rents range from $1329 - $1404. Sale price for the Landlord is $79,665.
The 3 apartments are:
Orange unit - specifically built for a young male working artist.
Pink unit - built for a young mother and her infant.
Green unit - will accommodate an elder couple (of which one is a plant-sim).

All 3 units include a phone, trash chute, fire alarm, stove, fridge, sink, toilet, tub/shower, TV, closet/wardrobe, double bed, and comfy seating.
Shared amenities include: chess table, bar, exercise equipment, dartboard, public restrooms, telephone, swimming pool, swing set, and slide - plus banana and papaya trees.

And now - it's time to see Petro about some juice

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