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Default Round 1 - Wild Scarlet Oasis & Spa
Game: Sims 2
Custom Content: Yes
Holiday Venue: Beach/Lake (downloaded updated TS2 template shell)
Location: Pandora, a desert town on the fringes of the Kashmire Region - akin to the southwest United States.

Water is valuable commodity in Pandora, which is usually dry as a bone. One place that draws locals and tourists alike is the one and only oasis in the area - Wild Scarlet Oasis. It consists of a fish-filled lake that one can swim in and a natural hot spring nearby. Named for the abundance of red-tinted flowers that grow along the banks of the lake, including the rare dry-fire poinsettia, which biologists have been fascinated with for decades since it's discovery -- the Wild Scarlet Oasis was a free playground for visitors for many years until the Spa Company moved in and fenced it off. Now one can only enter by reservation. While swimming in the oasis lake and hot spring is still no cost, the maximum occupancy limit is 10 and the waiting list to get in has extended to more than 2 seasons. The Spa's spokes-sim insists this exclusiveness is to preserve the natural beauty and wildlife of the oasis, but many tourists think it's a front for raking in money.

For extra simoleons, the Spa offers massages, luxurious lakeside cabanas, and a small, open-aired cantina with a self-serve grill. There is also a desert-landscaped meditation garden out front for those sims that tried to get into the Oasis to swim but were turned away because they didn't have a reservation.

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