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Default Pandora's Box Casino & Hotel
Game: Sims 2
Custom Content: Yes
Holiday Venue: Upmarket Hotel (downloaded TS2 template shell)
Location: Pandora, a desert town on the fringes of the Kashmire Region - akin to the southwest United States.

This round has driven me farther than any building endeavor I have done before. I feel like today should be turned into a building montage. CFE on! Build up that wall! select + shift all these wallpaper samples! Check floor tile diagonals! Scroll through deco!

Old West Pandora was filled with some insane, or rather, optimistic settlers who tried to cultivate the land. Of course, their crops withered and died in the harsh environment but a grove of trees managed to stay alive because they were planted on top of a then-unknown ancient well. The settlers thought it was a miracle. A century later, the tourist scene was booming and nobody but the locals really cared about the trees that defied the desert. A company planning to build a hotel & casino bought the land and planned to bulldoze the resilient grove but the town raised a ruckus and waged war on the contractor machinery, some even tied themselves to the trees to prevent them from being uprooted. Eventually, the company negotiated the preservation of the grove so they could move forward with building and brought some problem-solvers and professional architects in to get the job done. The desert is not a very friendly environment, Pandora's Box Hotel & Casino is not a friendly environment to those not willing to spend some extra Simoleons, nor sims under 18.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.