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Originally Posted by Essa
I'm tired of having my game in Frenglish and would like to have my game in French.
After searching high and low for a tutorial to how to translate objects and mods, I found nothing worthwhile. I just know it's related to text strings.
Does such a thing exist?

I don't know of a tutorial, but it's fairly easy. There are four areas you need to translate, though not all objects/mods will have all four. Catalog description, pie menu strings, action strings and dialogs. Action strings and dialogs are found under text lists. They can be confusing, because the exact names of the resources vary between objects, but most of the time they have the words dialog and action in their name. If you are unsure, go over the lists in text strings and see if any contain text you recognize from in game.

Catalog description is exactly what it sounds like, the description you'll see in buy/build catalog. It's only necessary to edit it if it's something you actually see in the catalog. Pie menu strings is the text used by the pie menu. Action strings are also the text used by pie menus, but it's text that only appears if called on by the interactions guardian bhav. It may or may not overwrite the text in the pie menu strings, depends on setup. But either way if there are action strings around, you need to translate them. Dialogs are text used in pop-ups and dialogs, like chance cards and carpool/schoolbus notifications.

When you view these things in SimPE, there's a dropdown menu for language. Each version of these resources can simultaneously hold text for each language the game is available in, and the game will use the correct one based on installation language. English is default, so if there is no string in your language it will use the english default. If there is a string in your language, then it will use that one. So to edit, use drop down menu to select your language. If you tick "Reveal default language for comparison" you can see the default text on the right, to help you remember what each line is when you translate.

If you have questions on how to use SimPE or WW, you're welcome to PM me.