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Default Entry: Round 2: Tropical: Beach Bar
Once upon a time the Rodneys went to Southern Africa. And Cyril Rodney fell in love with the beach bars, especially those in Mozambique and South Africa. He especially liked the family friendly ones, with the pools, playgrounds and BBQ's. And then he discovered beach bars where no oceans were in sight. So one morning, after another roof raiser party, Cyril and Ruda planned their inland beach. There would be a sparkling pool for swimming, a bar, a BBQ, a stereo (Ruda had the skills to teach the Hula to everyone); a dart board, a playground for children and special pools and a room for toddlers. They would bring in enough sea sand to build a proper beach and add some tropical plants. With a mod or two visitors can even build sandcastles and suntan! So, voila! Welcome to the African inspired Beach Bar Cyril built!

Required Pics:

Let the other pictures tell the story: