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Default The Lost Ruins of Rhumm Kaaz - Tropical
Round 2: Entertainment Lot

It is well known that there were ancient civilizations building on Twikkii far before the tourist industry boomed. We can attribute this fact to the Ruins of Numchuck and Jumbok IV, and while those are 'Ancient' and 'Majestic', Wanderlust Inc. is excited to reveal the Lost Ruins of Rhumm Kaaz - a piece of history found preserved in the Island's Mountains. There's a twist to Rhumm Kaaz however - they are the Twikkian deity of natural revelry and nowadays the main demographic of visitors that fit that sphere of influence are the Spring Breakers from all across Sim Nation and beyond. Wanderlust Inc. has fused the ruins into the island's epicenter of late night revelry - not only is the area prime for explorers and history buffs, but those who like to party as well!

The temple seems to be constructed on a natural spring which feeds into surrounding ponds, plenty of waterfalls surround the exterior, causing a cooling effect on the interior of the temple. It has been overtaken by many plants and time has taken it's toll but has overall been generous in preserving the structure. It has three rooms - the entrance foyer, the throne room, and the alter room.

Visitors are urged to come in good weather as the rustic ruins are not immune to leaking during heavy rainstorms, however since much of the roof is in tact, there are places one can stay dry if needed. Lighting is sparse due to the rural location and unreliable power so most light is supplemented with standing torches or battery powered string lights or lanterns. Visitors must walk to the ruins as there is no road for vehicles to drive that far into the mountains. This is not a place for pampered party animals but those intrigued by local history, enamored with nature, and who adore a fun time!

***Some edits from initial post***
  • In test play, the way the chairs were arranged in the initial lounge pictures were not usable, because they were on quarter tile placement. I turned that cheat off and moved around the seating arrangement in the Altar room lounge, test played and now the current arrangement works
  • In test play, the Alter room bar was initially arranged in a way that sims could only sit in the front two bar chairs and in one instance the sim got stuck in between bar chairs and could not get out. So I re-arranged the bar, tested and now sims are able to move around and sit in whatever chair they want.
  • Sims have enough room to dance in front of the DJ booth in test play
  • Sims like to play kicky bag in the area between the food stand and bar
  • You will note I do not have a phone in my pictures, I feel this mucks up the isolated aesthetic for the lot. However, in play testing I could get sims to go and leave as easily as if there were a phone by using the 'walk to...' option when I click on them.
  • Due to changes for the placement of lounge and bar area I have updated post and attached photos and re-took a pricing shot as well since that changed too.

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