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Default Round 2 Playalong: Ke Ola Brewing Comapany (Tropical)
Round 2: Ke Ola Brewing Company

When it's dark out and the beach has cooled, travelers and locals alike can find a spot to eat, drink, and take in the sounds of the surf -- as well as the band! Come to Ke Ola Brewing Company, a paradise all its own. If it's entertainment you crave, Ke Ola has a bar with several house brews on tap, as well as a flat screen television to fill in all those awkward silences between you and your party, or even that cute stranger you keep trying (and failing, miserably) to talk to. Strike out with that charming stranger? No problem! You can stoke the flames of your ego with a game of pool in the adjacent lounge area and feel like the champion you are. Now, should you succeed, the outdoor deck overlooking the crystalline waters of Ke Ola's pond is the perfect spot to pop that perennial question with its floating water lilies and low lighting, enshrouded in greenery.

Not ready for that commitment? Ke Ola's got your back. Stroll across the pond on the bamboo bridge by lamplight and find yourself on the dining patio. Listen as the house band plucks their strings and hums rhythmically into the mic, filling the space with glorious sound. Take a seat to take in the show, grab a local delicacy to sate your hungry belly, or even grab another drink beside the sweet hibiscus and curly tendrils of passion fruit. Ke Ola Brewing Company has all the romance, entertainment, and relaxation anyone could ask for, so grab a drink and find a seat. We've always got room for good friends.

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