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Default Eastern Concert Hall
Finally, my entry for round 2 - an Eastern style concert hall with koi pond and tea pavillion

Theme: Eastern
Lot: Concert hall and gardens
Price: $99021

So the inspiration for this one started with a little set of things I've had a long time from Sims2Heaven - specifically, the Zheng (or sometimes guzheng). I used to know a zheng player and love the instruments and love the sound. 4x3 was a big lot for me but I married a serene concert hall for the zheng player with a large koi pond, a tea pavillion and some gravel gardens and wishing temple. When I tried out the lot, the last was grumpy, glowed red and sent some angry bees after my sim. Obviously the temple didn't get the memo - it's supposed to be a place for meditation and peace, you idiot!

I also wish to apologise to any Far Eastern players looking in here on the contest - EAxis gave us such a mix of things for our Eastern destinations - our tea-ceremony drinking Wise Old Man does Tai Chi. Right. Anyway, here you have a pagoda, tea pavillion, koi pond and a zheng. It's not meant to be either Japanese or Chinese - honest - I just think all those things are pretty.

Finally, I'd just like to say thanks to Gayars (and judges) for the small time extension. I'm still ill and have been struggling to do this one too and I appreciate you taking the pressure off a bit. In other news, I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow. (sigh: wish I'd had time to decorate the hood but but you can't have everything).

Front of lot:

So here were have the other required shots

On entering the lot and concert hall:

And the gardens at the back:

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