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Default Time Share (Vacation Home) in Pandora - Desert
Round 3: Vacation Home/Lodging

Wanderlust Inc. understands sims that just want to get away from their busy lives, take a load off and rest in privacy. That's why the company has recently invested in time share homes (and we promise this is not a scam!) Buy a share into our newly developed private vacation homes in the upper Pandora Canyon which offers a sleek modern style with a touch of that southwestern Kashmire charm.

It may not look like much from passing by...


Last notes
Time shares can work in the sims if the buying sim, presents the deed to the vacation home to a member of the other family which allows them to proceed to visit and have it as a lodging option before they book their vacation. The home is ideal for single couples, double couples, or a family of four where the kids don't mind sharing a bed. If interested, the build was inspired greatly by this desert home. However I wanted to try my hand at building an in-foundation pool in addition to the regular outback patio. I did a lot of desert landscaping which included mixing terrain paints, placing rocks, and using desert plants, and kept with an overall neutral color scheme leaning toward the oranges and reds I associate with the US southwestern desert.

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