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Default Ski Chalet in Waldigrenze Valley
So, the first time I ever went skiing about a million years ago in Italy as a teenager, I didn't know it then, but I stayed in a classic Alpen chalet. I discovered a number of other things on that trip including cappucinos, that U-shaped and hanging valleys were, in fact, a thing despite what I thought about them in Geography classes and that proper Italian pasta, cooked by Italians tastes divine just dressed with olive oil and salt and pepper. So, in memory of that trip and in tribute to all things European (because I'm apparently not going to be one much longer), I present das Goldrosen Landhaus, my version of an Alpine ski chalet. These buildings are usually made of stone and wood and have interiors which feature warm wood tones, fur rugs and roaring fires - which is what I was going for. The first shots are in summer because they are from the building phase, the later shots are in winter with snow (outside anyway) because that's how sims are meant to experience it.

Theme: Mountain
Lot: Alpine Chalet das Goldrosen Landhaus
Price: $149985

Front of lot

First the required shots:

Then some scenes

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