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Default Greenman Tropical Vacation Home, Playalong
Okay, days late and a dollar short, but it'll help pass the time till the judges scores are ready. I used the smallest beach lot, which I think has a 30x30 buildable area, and if I'm wrong feel free to dock me imaginary points. Also, alas, not all the details are quite as clear as I'd like in the required pictures. Getting the big views is always hard for me, and some of the plants and things are just too small to look good at a distance, especially since I was using my full game and it doesn't like to run with smooth edges on.

Dr. Ash Greenman, his wife celebrated artist Angel, and his children Rhett, Joanie, and Daisy have decided to live part of the year in the island community of Crooked Beach, which some of y'all will remember from last year's foundation challenge. No expense was spared, but since no member of the house is a neatnik and they're here for fun, not to impress people, not to mention you don't put your nicest stuff into a house built in Hurricane Alley, the vibe is relaxed and not at all fussy.

And if you don't think teal and pink make a good color scheme for an island house, it is Angel's professional opinion that you need to get over yourself.

Ten. I had 11 I wanted to post! Oh, well.

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