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Default Application/Round 1 - 73 Road to Nowhere (Beaker)
This science and medical family consists of Loki, his wife Circe and the adult ‘boarder’, Nervous Subject.

Working tirelessly in their respective careers in Science and Medicine, Loki and Circe were granted permission by the local authorities to conduct research in their own personal lab. However, any contracted research projects must be kept secret, so security systems are in place to keep the lab under tight lockdown.

Through the move and the rebuild, the aspiring duo were luckily able to keep their own personal test subject (although he is a bit too twitchy for their liking) on hand. Nervous gets his own personal room for continued observation.

Meanwhile, Loki and Circe get a comfortable 1 bedroom set-up on the second floor:

Of course, regular research wouldn't be fun without top-secret personal research in an underground secret lab:

Required pics below: