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Default adding your custom major to the diploma
It's been bothering me since the first custom graduate, and it didn't stop bothering me until i figured it out. Luckily, the original code was set up such that it made things easy, in that the list of majors is right there inside the diploma, along with the checks for their GUIDs. let's start

I'll be hiding the different stages in spoilers, so that an overview is readily available and someone experienced might get the gist just from those buttons, or examine one in detail as needed.

step 0. What you need before starting: SimPe, but not expert knowledge. In fact, you could be an absolute beginner, but then please take a moment before each step to be sure of what i'm saying. We'll be working on a cloned object, so if any mistakes happen, we'll just remove the item from the downloads folder and no harm done until it's fixed. But just in case your mouse goes on a click rampage and starts eating up at everything it sees, backup your game.

step 1. It's useful to have your major's GUID handy. If you have that already, skip to step 5.
steps 2-4

step 5. Now we're going to clone the in-game diploma. If you already have one (for instance the one i provided with the jewellery major), skip ahead to step 12.

steps 6-11

step 12

step 13

steps 14-20

We assigned a custom value to the variable used for the notification, and the game can take it from here. Commit again, save, and that's it. Unless you have a lot of custom majors... but it gets easier with every time.

Testing: It helps if you have a test neighbourhood which won't make you cry if broken. Mine used to be called just Test, but now it's "Darkest corner of the world", because it really felt like i was doing shady things (i lost track of the number of times my tests failed. The most hilarious was when i accidentally pointed to line rank D in strings, the one saying "with all the rights, privileges, and honors thereto pertaining here and elsewhere". Imagine that repeated twice in your diploma :p. But it helped in that i realised i need to point straight to the strings, and not to BCONs). It also helps if someone's already graduated your custom major and there's a diploma on the wall. Read that. Does it say what it needs to? Yay! Does it point to the line above it? Then you need to add 1 to the string number in the Expression rectangle. Is there a sad jump bug? Check those links above, see if from line 0x8 the arrows flow as they should. Does the game crash entirely? Oh my. It might be easier to start over.

And that took about four hours to write. Still, less than the research. If there are mistakes or dodgy instructions, please let me know, i wouldn't want anyone's game to break because of this attempt.

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