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Post Round One Entry: 73 Road to Nowhere - Singles

The Single Ladies
A group of four female adult sims. Lola and Chloe are sisters, no one is employed.
Requirements: At least two bedrooms and two full bathrooms.
Intelligent and focused, Lola knows what she wants and how to get it. She enjoys politics and telling those around her what to do. She is a fortune sim and daughter of Pollination Tech#9 Smith from the Smith family.
The complete opposite of her sister, Chloe just wants to meet new people and to have a good time. She can often be found daydreaming or chatting on the phone. Romance is her game and she is also daughter to Pollination Tech#9 Smith from the Smith family.
Erin spends a lot of time working on her psychic powers. Of course she isn't really psychic, but don't tell her that. Popularity is her goal and Loki beaker is her brother of the beaker family.
Kristen envisions herself as a world famous sports champion. She doesn't particularly care for Strangetown, but it's only a pit stop on her track to greatness. Kristen has no family ties to Strangetown that I can see, except for dead parents and grandparents in her family tree. She is fortune aspiration.

The Singles are pretty much my favourite family in Strangetown, so I had to pick them first! I usually play Erin and Kristen as a couple so that's reflected in the house. I also have always played aliens as being interested in plant life, so their homes tend to feature a lot of greenery.

The house has been modified to have 3 bedrooms (2 double, one single) and 2 full bathroom. There's also a kitchen, living area, small office, landing, and balcony.

I was definitely grumbling when I saw the lot for this round, but I'm actually pretty happy with the makeover. Maybe one day I'll actually use the basement as well

Please do let me know if the images are too large - I've resized them and they seem ok but I always worry about these things