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Default Entry Round 1 - The Beaker Family
I have chosen the Beaker family. I picture them as a very clean and neat family who live in a sterile, modern house. So that is what I build. I added another level for the Beakers which includes their bedroom and private bathroom as well a doorway to the flat roof where they can stargaze. I kept the basement and turned it into Nervous's room and place where Circe can perform her experiments. To access the basement, I made a secret staircase. The door to these stairs and so the basement can only be entered by the Beakers. On the ground floor I turned the small rooms at the front in two lab's; one for Circe and one for Loki. For the kitchen and living room I deleted the walls to integrate both and have a sense of an open space. Finally, I surrounded the house with a chain mail fence to fend off unwanted visitors. The Beakers don't do very ethical experiments after all.

More pictures behind the spoiler.