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Originally Posted by HugeLunatic
Line 0x0022 Sale Price.  Not really the sale price.  While I wrote what it must be, I have since found other values there where the quarter tile cheat works.  I just know these values work.  quarter tile cheat

Setting this to a value of 1 prevents Quarter Tile Placement, it can't be getting used as a flag because 0x23 also sets flag 1. Any value other than 1 does nothing at all.
By default doors have a value of 0x23 and windows have a value of 0 and neither can be Quarter Tile Placed, I assume that's because they need to use a wall cutout. Straight, Sweeping and Spiral stairs always have a value of 1 and can't be Quarter Tile Placed, changing to a value of 0 does enable them to be Quarter Tile Placed (although that's probably not a good thing to do).

In future SimPe updates I will move this (line 0x0022) from section 02. Catalogue Price to section 05. User placement. I will change the name from sale price to Ignore Quarter Tile Placement - (1 = true).