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The Grand Trianon Mirror Bedroom Set

20 December 2007 - Updated the Floor mirror, to "extend" its functions to the new Kitchen set.

20 November - Updated again the Mirror Dresser (fixed an animation glitch that affected the children after having changed dress).

16 November - Updated the Mirror Dresser (now it doesn't use global BHAVs any more; fixed animations for the "Practice Romance" interaction) - Updated the Complete Collection rar, too.

09 October - Updated the Complete Collection rar: Added updated version of "Narrow Window" (Fixed cut-out).

11 August - Updated the Complete Collection rar: Added updated version of "Lower Loft" bed (increased ratings).

25 JULY - Updated the Complete Collection rar: added the updated version of the "TempleFountain" (fixed recolor issue).

25 JULY - The "Complete Collection" now contains also the "White" and "Optical" recolours.

20 JULY - Adjusted "room, comfort and, energy" rating's for both "Poster Mirror Double Beds" and, updated Complete Collection rar accordingly.

19 JULY - Fixed mipmaps in the "Horizontal painting" and updated Complete Collection rar accordingly.

18 JULY - Added "New File" Closed Version of the Bedroom Drapes, Updated

16 JULY - Updated the Complete Collection rar: added the updated version of the "Right Desk Module and Left Desk Module" - Homework and Bills now retrievable.

15 JULY - The "Poster Desk & Hutch" now comes in two versions: EP-ONLY (to be used with the University EP: contains the "Research" animation) and NO-EP (to be used without the University EP). Choose the one that best fits your game: only one version is allowed in the game.

15 JULY - Updated the Vanity Table (fixed the clickable area)

14 JULY - Updated the Complete Collection rar: added the updated version of the "Shower Stall" - See post #6 for details

14 JULY - Updated and improved the Floor Mirror: it doesn't "float" above ground any more, has correct indoor shadows and the metal particles now use the metal textures (the colour of the metal will change accordingly to the chosen wood colour)

14 JULY - Updated the Complete Collection rar: added the updated version of the "Poster Loft Bed" (upper) and "Arched Bunk Bed" (upper and lower) - See post #4 for details

13 JULY - Updated the Complete Collection rar: Added the individual collection files to each set's rar file in the Complete Collection rar. Also added the updated version of the "Poster Loft Bed" which will now work with all modules.

12 JULY - Updated the High Dresser: fixed the "pink door" problem.

11 JULY - Updated the Bedroom Drapes: now they can be placed on diagonal walls, too.

GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_Drapes_Closed- 73 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_BedroomChair.rar - 19 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_ChestOfDrawers.rar - 44KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_Drapes_UPD-11July.rar - 73 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_FloorMirror_UPD-23Dec07.rar - 215 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_GlassCandle.rar - 273 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_HighDresser_UPD12July.rar - 98 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_HorizontalPainting.rar - 53 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_MediumTableLamp.rar - 27 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_MirrorDresser.rar - 65 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_NightStand.rar - 27 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_PosterDoubleBed1.rar - 115 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_PosterDoubleBed2.rar - 99 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_PosterFloorLamp.rar - 33 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_PosterMirror_Armoire.rar - 49 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_PosterMirrorLight.rar - 38 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_PosterPillars_FloorLamp.rar - 33 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_ShelfMirror.rar - 17 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_SmallTableLamp.rar - 28 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_TallTableLamp.rar - 26 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_TVcabinet.rar - 59 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_VanityTable.rar - (UNI Required) - 92 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_VerticalPainting.rar - 60 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_WallMirror.rar - 18 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_Collection.rar - 2 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_PosterDeskAndHutch_EP-ONLY.rar - 145KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_PosterDeskAndHutch_NO-EP.rar - 145KB

Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_ChestOfDrawers.rar (44.2 KB, 21039 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_BedroomChair.rar (19.1 KB, 22633 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_GlassCandle.rar (272.2 KB, 19526 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_MediumTableLamp.rar (27.7 KB, 18981 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_NightStand.rar (27.2 KB, 19664 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_PosterFloorLamp.rar (33.5 KB, 18344 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_PosterMirror_Armoire.rar (49.1 KB, 19530 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_SmallTableLamp.rar (28.1 KB, 18056 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_ShelfMirror.rar (17.5 KB, 18475 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_PosterPillars_FloorLamp.rar (33.7 KB, 17974 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_PosterMirrorLight.rar (38.7 KB, 18420 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_TallTableLamp.rar (26.9 KB, 17714 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_TVcabinet.rar (62.7 KB, 19004 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_VerticalPainting.rar (60.4 KB, 17668 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_WallMirror.rar (18.7 KB, 18164 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_Drapes.rar (68.8 KB, 17925 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_HighDresser_UPD-12July.rar (101.0 KB, 18605 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_VanityTable_UPD-15July.rar (78.1 KB, 18956 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_PosterDeskAndHutch_EP-ONLY.rar (145.3 KB, 17889 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_PosterDeskAndHutch_NO-EP.rar (144.0 KB, 14211 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_Drapes_Closed_18July.rar (68.1 KB, 15434 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_HorizontalPainting_UPD-19-July.rar (54.3 KB, 15106 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_PosterDoubleBed1_UPD-20July.rar (116.0 KB, 17222 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_PosterDoubleBed2_UPD-20July.rar (99.7 KB, 16930 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_MirrorDresser_UPD-20nov05.rar (63.4 KB, 13556 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBedroom_FloorMirror_UPD-23dec07.rar (205.9 KB, 4042 downloads)

To prevent flashing blue objects you need to install the FLOOR MIRROR

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